Bud Shootout Showed Signs

The 2012 Bud Shootout was very expensive for Rick Hendrick but it showed promise. The 88, 24 and 48 showed they will be contenders on Thursday during the Gatorade Duels and Sunday during the Daytona 500.

Dale Jr looked better than he has since he left D.E.I. He looked like the racer who dominated plate tracks with his Red Budweiser 8. He went to the front when he wanted. He went to the lead seemingly at will. He also got scooped up in a wreck that was just wrong place, wrong time but at least he didn’t skid 1000 feet on his top or barrel roll like Jeff Gordon. Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson made it a complete loss for Hendrick when they also wrecked during the Shootout.

Kyle Busch showed some skill and a whole lot of luck when he wrecked like 52 times but somehow still passed Tony Stewart in the last 6 feet of the race to win. It is fitting that the younger, of the whining Busch brothers, is from Vegas because he rolled box cars with a whole lot of luck tonight.

I was excited to see racing again after the Winter break but it would of been a whole lot better if the Diet Mountain Dew car could have stayed out of trouble and won the race. Dale Jr had the moves and the car but he rolled craps tonight.

Lets hope for better luck in the 500 on Sunday.


Other things;

I like Danica Patrick and I think she is good for the sport but if tonight is any indication NASCAR will have us sick of her by Wednesday afternoon. Really Fox? Danica as a NASCAR expert? Last I checked, her and I are tied in total NASCAR wins and I bet I have seen at least twice as many races as she has. Please, please NASCAR let her be like every other racer and not force her down our collective throats.

With about ten laps to go Darrell Waltrip , Larry McReynolds and Mike Joy made me throw up. Sure, some people may think it was the tequila from playing the drinking game, “Every Time They Say, Danica, take a Shot” but we all know I can drink a lot more than that without losing my lunch so I am sure it was those three stooges.

It was at the point when they began to verbally kiss Kurt Busch’s ass. Talking about how great it would be for him to win one.  In case Fox forgot, Kurt didn’t lose his ride with Penske because of a deadly illness. He was fired for being an asshole to his crew and finally Dr. Jerry Punch. You would think the broadcasters would have some loyalty to Punch. It was a classless display by three guys who are usually annoying but usually not disloyal to anyone as nice as Jerry Punch seems to be.

That’s all I got for tonight.

Hail to the Earnhardt Nation!


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