Earnhardt Fans Take Your Pulse

If you are an Earnhardt fan and you are not excited today, check your pulse!

Today is Talladega in the Spring. Today Dale Earnhardt Jr is second in points. Today Dale Jr is only five points behind Greg Biffle for the Sprint Cup points lead. Tonight Dale Earnhardt Jr will be leading the points!

Talladega the giant speedway hidden away in Alabama is known as the house the Earnhardts built. Dale Earnhardt won there ten times including his last victory when he came fron eighteenth place to the win in the last five laps. Dale Jr has won it five times with several near wins. Last year he pushed Jimmie Johnson to the victory with what looked like the fastest car. Tonight feels like his time.


This has been a good year for Junior. It has the feel of his glory years when every week he was in contention. It feels like 2004 when he won six times. I am excited and every other Earnhardt fan in the nation should be too.

Lets stand proud tonight and roar when the 88 goes to the front and I guarantee he will go to the front.

Trust me this is a race you will not want to miss.

Go Junior!

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Dale Junior Gets Second

The 2012 Daytona 500 was won by Matt Kenseth but the Earnhardt Nation has plenty to be happy about. With a second place finish by Dale Jr the season holds promise.

I was wrong, obviously, when I predicted a Nationwide and Sprint Cup race sweep by Junior. That’s okay I will be wrong again this season. Probably every time Dale doesn’t win a race but I am still pretty excited about the momentum the 88 team takes in Phoenix next week.

At the end of a 500 marred by rain and fire it looked like Dale Jr had set up his victory. He pushed Greg Biffle the last two laps and that should been enough to pass Kenseth and set up a sling shot move on Biffle, in the last stretch, to win. Why it didn’t work I am still confused. Did Biffle not make the move on Kenseth because they are team mates or because Matt’s car was just that strong? We will never know but my guess is the latter. However, I would of been real interested in seeing Biffle pull wide, to the outside of Kenseth, on the last lap backstretch and finding out if the best pusher in the business could of gotten them around Kenseth’s 17.

Maybe Biffle thought the gamble wasn’t worth it because he knew it could cost both him and his team mate the victory. That is a noble thought but this was The Great American Race and in my mind any gamble is worth it especially if could of helped Junior.

Either way, whatever happened, Dale Jr is second in points (tied with Biffle and Hamlin) and headed to Phoenix – a track he has won on twice.

This is looking like the start to a beautiful relationship between Dale Jr and the 2012 Sprint cup trophy.


Hail to the Earnhardt Nation!

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