Kansas Sprint Cup Race 2012

This is such a better year. How can I tell? Because I am disappointed when Dale Jr finishes 7th like he did today in Kansas.

He ran well all day but never looked like he was going to compete for the win, like his team mate Jimmie Johnson but at least he didn’t drop a cylinder like Jeff Gordon.

Junior dropped one spot in the standings and now sits fourth behind Biffle, Truex and Kenseth and just two points ahead of Kansas winner Denny Hamlin.

It is definitely feels like a better year after eight races especially with Richmond and the super speedway in Talladega coming next where Dale  has won a total of eight times between them. Both good tracks for Dale Jr Рobviously.

Believe it or not, feel or not, Earnhardt Jr was third in points after eight races last year. Maybe the reason 2012 feels better is because last year Talladega was the eighth race and Kansas came later in the year. Who knows but I firmly believe this is going to be a better year for the 88 team and that’s not bad considering last year he finished seventh in points.

Can you say?

Dale Earnhardt Jr Sprint Cup Champion!


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Dale Jr Still Has a Chance

Kyle Petty and the rest of the talking heads on Speed TV may think the Chase is down to just a few drivers but they are obviously wrong.

If you think after five races, of a ten race format, a single driver is out of contention it means only one thing. You slept through grade school mathematics. Sure you may believe certain drivers aren’t likely to win the Cup. You may state it is improbable for some drivers to win the 2011 championship. But to report, as most of the math deprived minds of Speed as been reporting as if it’s true, that only the first handful of drivers in the standings have a chance to win is simply the same as hanging a sign around their necks saying, “I am too stupid to comprehend basic arithmetic.”

It’s a simple math fact which dictates who of the Chase drivers has a chance for the Sprint Cup Championship and who does not. The fact is, contrary to anything Speed TV reports is; any points that have been obtained in the first five races by any driver can be obtained by any other driver in the last five races. In other words Dale Earnhardt, JR can do in the last five what Carl Edwards did in the first five and vice versa.

This makes the Chase wide open!

After today’s race in Talladega, when the Chase is more than half over, will you start to see mathematical probability start to lean heavier and heavier towards the leader. But still I would guess and it’s only a guess, it will be three weeks before we see one of the twelve Chasers completely without a chance.

Until then, it may be a long shot but in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas when he told he had like one out of a million chance, ” So you’re telling me there’s a chance… *YEAH!”

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