Kansas was Better for Me than Dale Earnhardt Jr

Kansas was a boring and disappointing race for most Earnhardt fans. Dale Jr now sits ninth in the standings, 43 points behind leader Carl Edwards.  Forty-three points means he is realistically one whole race behind. If Junior was to win next week (and he will) he would receive 43 points. If Carl was to finish last he would receive 1 point. So not counting bonus points, it would take Junior more than one race to catch up even in the best case scenario.

This is certainly not good news.

What was and is, good news for me (and you if you are interested and quick) is a friend of mine who has been hoarding 16 autographed pictures of Junior waiting for him to win the cup has given up hope. His thinking was when Junior wins the cup these pictures which sale at some sports collector stores for more than $150.00 a piece would be worth twice that much.

When he told me he had decided to sell the pictures I immediately told him Junior still had a chance. He then laughed at me and said, “If you think so why don’t you buy some.

Just to show my support I bought three! I would of bought them all but I would of lost custody of them in the divorce, when my wife found out any way, so that wasn’t an option.

Sure my support cost me more than three hundred dollars but who can put a price tag on loyalty. When I say, “who”, I mean besides my good friend Dave. But as Dave correctly pointed out at least it didn’t cost me the going rate of $471 or the speculative price of $900 for three autographed pics.

So you see, Kansas was not a total loss for me. Besides my buy will double when Junior does win the Cup. Not that I would ever sell but it will be fun to see Dave’s face when it happens.

If you want to make the pain of Kansas go away, Dave still has pictures left and I am sure you can talk him into PayPal if you are interested.

Give him a call: 1-800-339-0121 and tell him you want the Earnhardt loyalty price.

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Dover 2011…hope is still alive for Earnhardt fans

Yesterday tested the Earnhardt Nation. Our favorite son had a fast car and he still finished 24th due to broke suspension parts and loose lug nuts. This follows the race at New Hampshire where two flat tires runed Dale Jr’s day.

This puts Junior in 10th place, 34 points behind Chase leader Kevin Harvick. If you read me regularly you know this is where I find the good news in the past race. I have searched and I did find a couple of slivers of information to brighten our day. The 88 was fast – real fast. The other good news is; we are only three races into the Chase and we have six tracks coming up where Dale Jr has had success.

Next week is Kansas where Junior finished second in the Spring. Then we go to Charlotte. You remember Charlotte? It was where Dale Jr ran out of gas on the last lap while leading and finished seventh last Memorial Day weekend. After that is Talladega. If you don’t know about Talladega and the Earnhardts you are reading the wrong blog. I’ll give you a hint, if Kannapolis is ground zero of the Earnhardt Nation, Talladega is our vacation home. Last time Sprint Cup visited Alabama Dale pushed Jimmie to victory with what looked like the fastest car on the track. After that it’s Martinsville, Junior finished second there in April. After they visit Virginia it’s  Texas – the place where Junior won for the first time in both Nationwide and Sprint Cup. Then in the season’s next to last race NASCAR goes to Phoenix where Junior has won twice.

So you see, we may be down but not out. It may seem dismal but there is a lot of racing to do. Remember even with tire, suspension and lug nut problems Earnhardt fans can take comfort in the fact the last three races has shown the 88 team can put a championship caliber car on the track and that’s the hard part. We know we have a driver capable of winning and our team is basically the same team, Chad Knaus called on to pit the 48 when the championship was on the line, last year.

So it’s not time to give up it’s time to stand up and Cheer Dale Earnhardt Jr to a championship.

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