Dale Jr Should Fix the Sport?

NASCAR is often divided into three different camps of thought.

  1. The one where Dale Jr should ride in on a winged horse and save NASCAR from that evil villain Brian France
  2. The camp who thinks Dale Jr complains too much.

 The third camp is the one I live in. I think Dale Jr often says what’s on his mind and gets nothing but grief for it. I don’t think he complains any more than any other employee at any other job but he does complain. I also don’t think, because of his magical name, it is his responsibility to fix NASCAR. No more than I would think it was Ella Gordon’s job.

Dale Jr is not the driver’s union rep – he is their competition.

As far as the style of racing that many of us “old fans” dislike, Junior is caught in a place I wouldn’t wish on Kyle Busch. Do I think the heralded car of tomorrow makes racing boring? Yes I most certainly do. Do I think it saves lives? Yes I most certainly do.

So should Dale Jr, as many people suggest, go to NASCAR and demand the old car back? The one that his Dad died in? The one he won 17 races while driving? You would have to be simple to believe the answer is yes!

I do not care how boring the racing appears I wouldn’t ask one driver to risk his life to change it. Maybe that’s because I am an “old fan”. I was watching this sport on taped delays long before Dale Earnhardt first drove a Winston Cup car and I have faith in NASCAR to fix their own problems through evolution and not revolution.

Unfortunately evolution is sometimes slow. Too slow for many modern fans.

NASCAR, I believe will fix the racing problems but in the mean time they will put the safety of the drivers above all else. This I agree with with all my heart.

I never again want to feel the way I did on February 18, 2001. I do NOT care if it means Junior never winning another race.

Last weekend, racing lost a good man – Dan Wheldon. If it wasn’t for the safety concerns of NASCAR we could of lost two.

Look up footage of DaleEarnhardt’s wreck and compare it to Jimmie Johnson’s wreck at Charlotte. which one would you guess the driver died?

Next time you think Brian France and NASCAR has ruined our sport remember they also may have kept a simple sport from ruining the life of Genevieve Johnson.

In the old car, she might of grown up to be the daughter of a legend, who barely remembers her father like Taylor Earnhardt.

Ask Taylor; if the racing, while NASCAR figures it out, being less boring, is worth it?

She lost a father we only lost a hero so you can probably figure out her answer.

Before I finish, I do want to mention to those of you who believe Dale Jr should swoop in on winged horseback to fix NASCAR, have you ever considered one fact?

It’s entirely possible that Dale Earnhardt himself already swooped in, at the wheel of the THREE and fixed NASCAR, ten years ago by losing his life.

I do not know Brian France nor Mike Helton but I would guess  the thing they are most proud of in the sport people accuse them of ruining is;

NASCAR has not lost a driver during competition since Dale Earnhardt.

If not – it should be.

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