Do I look Worried? Jr will win the remaining 16 races and I know how

Do I look worried?

I know it’s hard to tell with out my web cam being on but the answer is no. Sure it could be the massive amounts of tequila I drink but it’s not. It’s my faith in Dale Earnhardt Jr and his Crew Chief, Steve LeTarte.

They have had six weeks of mediocre finishes after yesterdays disappointment in Indy. Jr deserved better than a 16th place ending at the Brickyard but unfortunately you don’t always get what you deserve. Just ask Jeff Gordon who had the best car on the track. But I have a plan to turn this slide around for Junior. As far as Jeff goes, I don’t have the time to fix everything, so he is on his own.

I am going to tell LeTarte the secret to winning the next 16 races – that’s right 16. With my plan it is not only feasible but highly likely Junior can win every race left on the schedule.

The first move he must make will be highly unusual. Junior has to break with the other Chevrolet drivers and quit driving the Monte Carlo. This car has failed him in so many ways. I am sure with Rick Hendrick’s ties to the manufacturer this can and must be done.

This will open up an option for Dale Jr  which will shake up the sport forever. I propose Dale Jr drive a Chevrolet Volt in the remaining races. I know what you are thinking – the Volt has the top speed of a square wheeled roller skate. You are right, but top speed is not important in NASCAR like it once was.

Gas mileage is where it’s at!

Races are no longer won by the fastest car (again ask Gordon) they are won by the cars and drivers who get the most mileage. The last laps this year have become similar to a funeral procession. Necessary but not too exciting to watch.

I want to see Keselowski’s or Harvick’s face when Dale Jr fires up the gasoline powered generator and buzzes by them on the white flag lap while they conserve fuel.

It will be awesome!

Plus the beauty of this plan is the Volt doesn’t go fast enough to wear tires or get lose or tight in the corners.

It’s the perfect racing machine for today’s NASCAR.

So no, I am not worried. With my brilliant plan Dale Jr will slowly cruise into the Chase and hum like a sewing machine to his first Sprint Cup trophy.

Let’s just hope NASCAR doesn’t put the emphasis back on speed and power and ruin the plan.

Yes it would be more fun to watch but Dale winning the Cup is far more important.

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  1. Anonymous

    Pure genius. That move would also open the floodgates for Eco-Friendly sponsors. "There's Dale Jr. in the number 88 Environmental Protection Agency / Chevy!!"

  2. J Pat

    Hemp powered? I like that sponsorship move. Might make the fuel mileage races bearable.

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