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This is my yard.....don't tell my wife!


The Earnhardt Nation is a fan populated country that comes together every weekend to celebrate the greatest racing family ever to wear a seat belt. The population of the Nation is an estimated 30 million. That makes us the 38th largest country on the face of the Earth. We are about the size of Canada but we have a lot more fun.

Our presence at the track can be seen under our familiar Dale Earnhardt Junior, blue, green, red and Intimidator black flags. We are hard to ignore. When Dale Earnhardt Junior, makes his move we stand as one. A sea of green and blue cheeering for the Amp or National Guard 88. It is not a wave, it is a salute to our favorite son.

On February 18, 2001, our darkest day, people thought the Nation was through. It's great leader Dale Earnhardt left us in the place he loved, Daytona International Speedway. The moment before he hit the wall he saw his two D.E.I owned cars ahead of him. One was driven by his greatest rival's little brother, the other by his son, Dale Junior. They were about to finish one-two in the greatest race in the world.We hope he saw what we all now know. That the Earnhardt Nation will live on. That the legacy he helped build from his father's racing to his dominance of the sport would become the largest single fan base in auto racing. We know that many people sneer when they say "Earnhardt Nation". That it is often not a term of affection. We don't care! You may not like us but you have to respect us. We are 30 million strong.  We welcome picture and article contributions from anyone and everyone.

We want pictures of fans...At the track ,at home, anywhere. We also welcome track stories, personal anecdotes, jokes or just your opinion on anything. (If you don't want to send them just comment the blog) We will them in the appropriate section (i.e....Dale Jr, Ralph...) Send that stuff here...Earnhardt