dale earnhardt junior Earnhardt Nation wants you. Unless you are a man, then we want your wife or girlfriend. Pictures of them showing support for Dale Jr! Preferably wearing race day gear. We also like photos of your favorite car the Red Number 8, the Green or Blue 88, The GoDaddy 5. You can send pictures of other cars but we won't like them as much, unless it is the Black Number 3. If you don't have pictures wearing Earnhardt stuff send us any picture you want and go get some red, black, geen or blue. The point here is show us who you are!

Ralph Earnhardt-Dale Earnhardt Senior-Dale Earnhardt Junior-Kerry Earnhardt

Pictures of the Earnhardt Nation

dale jr blonde fan in pit box

Erin makes Dale Junior's pit crew smile..Does she make you smile too?

earnhardt fan

Are you guys shy? Send us pictures !. We always need more !

Click here to send. It's your duty as a citizen of The Earnhardt Nation


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