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Pictures of the Earnhardt Nation


Coolest tractor I've Seen.......someone is doing a great job with these two.

My yard....I cut an 88 into the grass

Dawn....looking cute and being silly

Erin...blonde and beautiful posing with pit crews

Tonya...poses in Junior jacket

Kari...in a blue bikini drawing attention

Sharon....she shows off at Talladega

Lisa....shows her loyalty

Pictures of hotties at Charlotte

Page Two

Jennifer..an Army wife who loves her soldier and Dale Jr

Brooke...future step daughter to Junior

Very Cool Paint Job...paint mine!

Earnhardt cutie..she is being raised right whether she likes it or not!

Angie...future mother of Junior's babies

Margot..a Dutch New Yorker who loves NASCAR

Robin...Pookabear gives the best NASCAR parties

Tammy and the Three....is there a better car?

Trace...she keeps Ohio in line

Tonya.......gets a little blurred when she parties

Daytona 500

Our  fan  pictures  were  sent  in  by obviously the fans. We  will  eventually  use  all  pictures  that  are  sent  to  us.   We  do  no  editing  except  sizing.  We  hope  you  enjoy seeing NASCAR not only has better looking fans than any other sport but also the guys have some very cool toys. Don't  forget  to   send   yours.

Page Three

Mrs Dale Earnhardt Jr (Diane)

Erin..a blonde in Junior's pit box

Ginger...is it any wonder her husband keeps an eye on her?

Hope shows her support

Lynn sporting Earnhardt jacket..and pants too so settle down

Michelle..in a red Earnhardt tank top

Trace ...looking a little more Presidential

Page Four

Renee...a California blonde

Elyse and her Earnhardt Collectibles...from Florida

Jen's Little fan...another example of good parenting

Kelly....another Florida fan

Another Earnhardt Fan...showing off her kissing style

NASCAR GIRL....great pictures from a race

Sarah...loyal to Junior almost to fault

Shannon....a loyal member of The Nation

dale jr in car

Page Five

Stephanie has fun at the races!....she had so much fun she moved to North Carolina!

See the the self proclaimed future mother of Junior's babies

Ashley Marie....could her smile be bigger?

Hope in a few less clothes..calm down she is still dressed

Karen's hotties...they know how to dress!

Gina with a great car....The Oreo Three...a classic!

Great shots of The Eight by Rob....cute family too!

A great way to protect your Earnhardt stuff..a good dog!

Amanda.....you need to relax, laugh and send more pictures!


Page Six

Hope shows off her Earnhardt Apparel and so much more

Kari showing off some cool stuff

Earnhardt fan shows her true colors

Sammi shows off her car

Kari and a fan that rates "The 3"

Angie and Brooke ..all dressed up for race day

A great tattoo..a number 3 tattoo. What a way to remember him!

Fan away from the track...she is having a good time somewhere besides the track

Mother and daughter fans.......Angie and Brooke show their support for Dale Junior

Daytona Speedway...A great shot of the infield at Daytona International Speedway

More shots of the blonde from Philly...Her and her friend show us how to have fun during cautions

Page Seven

Jennifer's Day at Dover...A great set of racing pictures from the Monster mile at Dover Delaware

The new uniform..we think all female race fans should dress like this

Fall 05 race in Charlotte NC

Alicia from Philly

.Earnhardt Hottie on wall at Texas 2005

Great Earnhardt Shirt

Deb at Michigan on Father's Day.

Two women with Junior's car

dale jr pit female fan

Are you guys shy? Send us pictures !. We always need more !

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