Michigan NASCAR and Dale Jr

I can’t decide if Sunday’s race at Michigan was good for Dale Jr. He certainly did what he needed to keep his odds of making the Chase short. His fourteenth place finish was a disappointment after running all day in the top ten. His team did some things, like the last yellow tire call, which didn’t bode well for a run to the Cup.

I am afraid after seeing the 88 team’s effort I am leaning towards Tony Stewart’s opinion about his own team. Stewart said in a post race interview that his team would just be taking the place of a team who could win if they get in the Chase. Junior’s might be in the same boat.

There is three races to go. Bristol, Atlanta and Richmond. I think Dale Jr is firmly in the Chase. I also think he needs to show a lot of improvement in those three races for anyone to consider him a Cup contender instead of a Championship pretender.

I have complete faith that he will make the improvement needed but I am afraid today he didn’t show it.

Let’s hope Thunder Valley is where the 88 team shows what they are made of and gets that much needed momentum towards a championship.

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