earnhardt nation Earnhardt Nation wants you. Unless you are a man, then we want your wife or girlfriend. Pictures of them! Preferably wearing race day gear. We also like photos of your favorite car the Red Number 8. You can send pictures of other cars but we won't like them as much, unless it is the Black Number 3. If you don't have pictures wearing Earnhardt stuff send us any picture you want and go get some red and black. The point here is show us who you are!

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Hotties of the Earnhardt Nation

We want and need hot pictures. All racing fans welcome! We can't use nude photos so use discretion but not too much. Afterall we are earnhardt fans and we like to live on the edge of rules. What we can use is female fans wearing their race day wear. If they have great pictures that don't happen to be at a track or in race wear send those too. Also if any men feel compelled to send you have three choices.
  1. Have a female in the picture
  2. Be prepared to send pictures of females next time
  3. The pictures have to be something I like

Send them to


subject line "Hottie" Please include this so we don't get it confused with junk mail or Gordon fans.

Include a short bio if you would like.

One picture or ten pictures we want them all!

To submit your photos all you need to do is follow the next few steps:

a) Scan the pictures into your computer. (If they are on video tape, use a capture device to convert them into digital stills.)

b) Compress the images into .JPG format using an image editor.

c) -Email your photos directly (name of the person shown or alias is encouraged but not required! But beware we might use our own nickname if one isn't supplied.) to this email address:



Please be sure that the material you send us is yours, and not someone else's. Please be sure the material is not copyrighted and/or stolen from another web site . You must be fully aware that by sending us your material through the e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. We do not accept any material which shows persons under 18 years old or images of persons who look like they are less than18 years old.  We are not talking about wholesome family shots of you and your family at the track. Contact us and we can find a place here for those kind of shots or please see our forum. (But if you post underage nudity there will will do everything we can to find you.)We have the right to not accept your contribution without any further explanation. We also do not accept any kind of material which is bizarre or might be considered as illegal - also no bestiality. In case you haven't noticed animals on the internet is a limited population. My dog licks himself enough without you sending him dirty pooch pictures. Again we shouldn't have to clarify but we will. If you have pictures of your dog, cat or bird watching a race send it. We will find a place for the pictures if we like them..

Our guess of what the "Frequently Asked Questions" are going to be.

How do I convert to jpg-format?

If you do not have a jpg converter, you need to get one for your platform. Go to a search engine and type in "jpg converter" and the name of your platform. Windows or whatever and you will find all the freeware you will ever need.What resolution should I use:Please use a maximum of 1200 pixels for the larger side of your picture (height or width) at 72 dpi. Please use the high quality JPG compression (which means HIGH file size, LESS compression). The bigger the files are you email us, the better they will appear.

What about digital cameras?

The higher the resolution, the better. Try to set your cam to "LESS photos, BETTER resolution, LESS compression".

What about Mime, binhex or uu?

Choose MIME or UU encoding please.

How many pictures should I send?

Please do not send more then 10 photos with one email.

Multiple emails are accepted

What about my copyrights?

By sending in your photos to earnhardtnation.com, you allow us to show your photos on earnhardtnation.com. The copyright will remain your property. We will try not to allow others sites to copy photos from us.  If we can we will make them pay you. Don't spend the money yet. The person who uses them will claim stupidity then quickly erase the pictures. Leaving you with nothing but a satisfied feeling that they liked your pictures enough to steal them.

What are you waiting for? Send!

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