Predictions about Junior’s Chase Chances

I was listening to Pat Patterson’s Sirius radio show this morning and I got the distinct feeling a lot of people, including Patterson, thinks Junior is not deserving of a Chase spot. First of all, he is of course deserving because he accomplished the requisites to obtain a spot but let’s look at it deeper.

Most of the people thought because he is winless he shouldn’t be in. Funny I didn’t hear them say the same things about Tony Stewart who is also winless. However I doubled checked the rules and no where did I see a clause stating a driver must have a least one win to get into the Chase. So that’s an uneducated view.

A couple of them defended Junior but while I was listening he was bad mouthed pretty good. Everything from undeserving, to predictions of him finishing twelfth. One idiot actually stated he thought Jimmie Johnson was the reason Junior was in the Chase. Patterson disagreed with him much to his credit. But all this got me to wondering.

How did the twelve drivers do on the Chase tracks that have been previously run this year?

Eight of the tracks meet that criteria. Only Chicago and Homestead are not on the list. Now before I get into this, remember I drink a lot of tequila and coffee and sleep very little so maybe I made a mistake but I did double check my work and I think it’s solid.

Before we go further click on this link and check my chart. It’s pretty interesting!

As you can see Junior has the lowest average finish among the drivers on 2011 Chase tracks. How many of you knew that or even would of guessed? Not many I bet.

Dale has nine top tens and six of them came on Chase tracks. Junior has only three top fives this year but they all came on Chase tracks.Consistency is what got Junior into the Chase and it shows most of all on Chase tracks where he finished no lower than 15th.

Not a bad sign for the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship.

So next time Larry McReynolds or some other Dale Jr detractor, says he doesn’t have a chance, feel free to mention my chart.

You will enjoy the look on their face…I promise!

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  1. justme

    Not to mention Jimmie's only win was when Junior pushed him to the front and across the finish line!!

  2. J Pat

    Good point!

  3. FT

    @justme..AMEN! That should have been Jr's checkered!

    J Pat- I see ur from Glasgow…so is my spouse..small world!


  4. J Pat

    It's a great town with great people!

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