Richmond…Is it time to worry?

Richmond; is it time to worry?

Junior needs a twentieth or better to secure his place in the Chase. If he doesn’t finish twentieth he has to be within about twenty spots of  Keselowski’s finish depending on laps lead.

So the question is – can Dale Jr do it?

Of course he can! He is Dale Earnhardt Jr!

He will make the Chase. He will also make Richmond worth watching. It may be the most exciting Richmond race since the time Junior’s brakes failed and he had to drive the last 45 laps without them. Wow was his radio on fire that night! Him and Tony Jr were hilarious but they brought the Budweiser Chevy home in 17th and earned a Chase spot. Junior and LeTarte will do the same tonight (Saturday).

So no it’s not time to worry.

Then the next question is – can Junior compete for a Championship? The rumor is; Jimmie Johnson has stock piled ten great cars for the Chase. Correct me if I am wrong but his garage mate is the 88. Now Dale might not be in a position to have had the luxury of shelving the ten best cars but I would bet they have ten pretty good ones sitting straight across the 48-88 shop from the Lowes fleet.

Look for this years Championship to be a free for all between the Hendrick’s three Chase qualifiers, Gordon, Johnson and Earnhardt.

By the time NASCAR rolls out of Talladega, the Toyotas, Dodges and Fords will be prepping for next year, while Rick Hendrick’s four year old dream comes true. He will finally see  a five time champ, a four time champ and the son of a seven time champ battle for the sport’s biggest prize – The Sprint Cup.

I bought my tickets for Homestead and you should too!

It’s going to be a show worth watching if you are a Hendrick fan.

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