Sick and Tired of Carl Edwards

Two wins at Michigan, including his last and a start in the top of the field, all points to a great day for The Earnhardt Nation and it’s favorite son Dale Jr.

I can’t wait for the green flag to drop and the racing to begin. First, of course, we will have to sit through three hours of mind numbing blathering by the NASCAR media and their favorite boy, Carl Edwards. Is anyone else tired of the driver of the 99 being on ESPN and Speed more than the dozen drivers more popular? Does Carl have a better publicist or is ESPN and Speed that short of things to say that they put NASCAR’s version of Eddie Haskel on camera every chance they get to fill time? What ever the reason Carl Edwards has made me a fan of any show on any channel besides the one he is on.

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  1. Anonymous

    With you 100% on this. I quit watching the pre-shows. sick of Larry Mac, DW, Brad and especially Carl!

  2. J Pat

    Why ESPN thinks we need Carl Edward's opinion is beyond me.

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